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Online pharmacies scam

You might like to know more about online pharmacies. You might know less than you think. Losing a lot of cash can happen pretty quickly.

So this website gives tips on how you can buy medicines from online pharmacies responsibly and still do all the other things that you enjoy in life. We are not saying don’t buy from online pharmacies, we just want to help you buy your pills and keep it legal.

Here you can find the most reliable information that will help you make the best decision and pick the best online pharmacy for your monthly medications supply.

Honest information is crucial in the process of finding an reliable online drugstore that satisfies every need, from fast and safe shipping to high quality pills. That is why reading a pharmacy testimonials should be the first step before deciding on a place to make your purchase.

Reviews are essential because it helps you to decide if an online pharmacy has all the strong points that you are looking for.

Our website offers a huge database of pharmacy reviews from all over the world , Online pharmacies from Canada and America are all thoroughly reviewed in order to give you the best information on the best affordable prices offered by online pharmacies.

When searching for the best pharmacies, you should keep in mind that while some of them may offer the very good discount prices, they could have a bad privacy policy. Our reviews will let you know all what you need to find out about an online pharmacy , if it sells generic pills or brand ones or both, if it has fast shipping and or a guaranteed shipping policy, if they offer refunds in case something goes wrong with the products or you are not satisfied, also whether they have discounts or coupons that could translate into bigger savings, and if they have a strong customer’s support department.

I’m guessing that you’re someone who wants to find out a little bit more about buying medications from online pharmacies, whether it’s for yourself or someone you know , we built this website to help you to :

  • explore online pharmacies ratings.
  • find out how to make right decisions before ordering medications online.
  • learn about online pharmacies and how it might affect you or someone you know.
  • hear other people’s stories about online pharmacies .
  • learn about the support that’s out there for anyone affected by an online pharmacy scam problem .

Endlessmeds.com review

endlessmedsEndlessmeds.com isn’t an online pharmacy , it’s a membership website that you aren’t allowed to browse its contents before paying a fee ( about $29.99 – One time Membership Fee ) . This website claims that it will save you much money by giving you the access to a database of reliable tested online pharmacies to buy drugs online without a prescription needed from a doctor ,it claims that you after paying the membership fee you will  be able to compare prices of medicines from a list of reliable tested Mexican, Asian, European and Canadian online pharmacies .

Endlessmeds isn’t real neither legit :

I’ve paid for the membership and accessed its database , it was normal pharmacy rating website and have same ratings like these available here at buydrugonline.org for free :) but it contains bad pharmacies that are know for shipping fake pills for example international drug mart . Read more…